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June 15, 2005


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clare eats

Its all about the fox dung coffee isn't it :P

Thanks I'll get right on it :)


OK, I gotta ask... what the heck are witchety grubs?

Saw you're currently reading Tender at the Bone -- how is it? I'm working on her Garlic and Sapphires now.



Man you're quick! Civet coffee, eh? I reckon I'd try that. It's far enough removed from the civet bum by the time you get to drink it. Chicken eggs freak me out a bit if I think too much about it... You're eating something that has been basically unaltered since it came out of another living creature's bum!


Witchety Grubs are these fatty, squishy, wormy things from the bushland of Australia. They look like Godzilla-sized white and bloated maggots and are a part of traditional Aboriginal bush food. Never will I eat an oversized maggot. Ever. I don't care if they taste like chicken.

Tender at the Bone is pretty good. It's about RR's food-related awakening. She's a pretty capable writer and I enjoy her stuff. I'm onto "comfort me with apples" next!


ohhh! A lavender Kitchenaid...lovely! It will look so great in that new kitchen of yours. Mine is great - it matches my jalapeno walls in my wee kitchen.
Ana has tagged me for one of these memes...ought to be interesting.



I love love love my kitchen aid. I really don't know how I existed without it. I refused to make my own pastry before because I hated cutting butter into flour, even with a flashy pastry blender. With the kitchen aid it takes about 10 seconds and next to no effort!


omy! a lavender kitchenaid! i have the pink one on my wishlist ;)

and i must say, your "Cuisine Chinois", Universite du Chicoutimi style just made me *chuckle* you should also try it with canned tuna - which is what i did (although over rice) lol!

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