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I've wanted to visit New Orleans all my life, despite my mom assuring me it was a hot bed of evil. But considering my not-so-good relationship with her, what do I care!?

Matt and I make a point of preparing a bunch of NO foods for Mardi Gras each year, and after what happened recently, we're really looking forward to those dishes in a couple months.


Hey, did you get the grits yet?


I will always regret not knowing the old New Orleans. My husband was there years ago and told me how wonderful it was. Here's to its resurrection ... xoxo

Angel Commins

I've been to New Orleans many times pre-Katrina, and watching the devastation unfold, I felt my heart break. But, there is hope, and the city needs people to come back, to eat, to drink, and to offer encouragement through tourist dollars, that all is not lost. New Orleans is an amzing food-lovers city, in my opinion, it rivals any European city. So go, be there and take what she has to offer. I'm planning a trip this summer. You'll love it.

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