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January 23, 2006


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I laughed out loud at your 7 things you say most often. And what a great cat, such an expressive face!


Oh, your cat is soooo cute! My black cat looks a little like yours...


I just love the 'can't stomach John Howard' bit. =D We can't over here, either!


Oh! Oh! Oh! Dan and I cannot believe that he made your list! We are absolutely thrilled. I meant to tell you ages ago that you had better start searching for your donkey soon, as ones as adorable as Dan are VERY hard to come by. : )

P.S. I probably shouldn't tell you that I'm reading this while uploading today's farm photo, which ALMOST was, but isn't, of Dan. He was just featured a week ago, after all, and I think there are at least three people who do not want to see Dan as often as the rest of us do. : )

P.P.S. Great list and fabulous cat pic.


I love your lists, esp. the one about blogging. Isn't it amazing when your comfort zone in the kitchen keeps increasing?!

Ian Ferguson

Friend sent me a link to your site, thanks very much for picking 'Village of the Small Houses' as one of your 7 favorite books, and thanks very very much for your most excellent 'Breakfast in Edmonton' reviews, which alerted me to the fact that Rick and Alice Leung, the original owners (back in the glory days) of 'Friends & Neighbours Cafe,' have returned with a new restaurant. Sounds as welcoming and homey as the old 'F & N' used to be, before they sold it (and the quality of service and food declined) and I know exactly where I'm going to go the next time I'm back up in Canada. Please pass on a warm hello from me the next time you stop in at 'Rick & Alice's Grill,' and tell them they are in my thoughts and prayers.
Ian Ferguson.


Amazing cat and awesome writing!


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