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April 17, 2006


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This was just so rich -- and truthful -- that I had to call my husband over to see it. I explained how much I love your blog for its artistry and skill ... and then showed him "Martha Lied" and the truth-in-pictures. I had watched the little MS segment about the too-easy-to-be-true filling of eggs ... and thought, "Yeah, right." Now I know if you couldn't do it, it would have been impossible for me! xoxo


laugh out loud hysterically funny
i too had to call my significant other over to witness this
i just happened to have the mag next to me, so i could show what they were "supposed" to look like
either way, i think your idea of licking them clean sounds WAY more fun!
awesome post!


I enjoyed seeing that!! It's so not what we'd see from her magazine or show.




LOL, I remember flipping through that article a few days ago, thinking Martha and her band of merry Whatever-They-Ares had really gone ove the edge this time, and dismissing it completely from my mind. Three cheers to you for actually undertaking this insane project. And a million cheers for writing such an entertaining post about it! Love the licking of the eggs. : )


I seriously considered trying that...now I'm happy I didn't!

We made your lavendar-lemon game hens for Easter (and Zarah and Martin), and they were big hit...thank you!


They made us make candles in egg shells at school so I know what it's like! So nice to hear the TRUTH sometimes, thanks!!


Why, oh why did you not tell us you had pre-licked them before serving them to us? ;)


OMG, that's hilarious! The opening photograph says it all...


Sorry Heat. Did I mention I'm now laid up with strep throat? Ha.


I remember seeing this article in her magazine and thought to myself how the heck does that work?! You are brave for even trying! Props to you!



that's too funny. i came close to trying to make those when i got the magazine. i'm sure glad i didn't.


Hilarious, and so very, very true. I haven't had much luck with Martha recipes, in general.


how did you get the egg smell out ?did you wash them?


I just came across another recipe for these eggs, only they're filled with a chocolate-praline mixture!



I rinsed the shells well and then boiled them for 10 minutes in water that had a bit of vinegar in it.


I don't really look forward to Martha's how to-s on celebrating the finest moments of our life. I have tried making chcolate eggs using egg shells, long before Martha Talked about it.( belive me, this interesting method has been around for quite sometime bfore Martha discovered it) I filled the molten chocolate in a squeeze bottle fitted with a nozzle which fitted into the opening i made in the shell. It worked Ok that time. I don't want to do that agian, will rather buy an egg mold.
Loved your account of the experiment.


Yes, well, maybe licking the chocolate off would make it worth while. Great write up!


After seeing S's effort at Chubby Hubby, I thought 'there's no way I could do THAT!' It's refreshing to see that not every recipe turns out for other as well cos mine sure don't work every single time! Thanks for that great first photo!


LOL I guess I'm a type A person too! I love the post! I did see the clip of this on Martha's website. I believe she used a pastry bag to pipe in the chocolate. The problem with that is that you have little control stopping the flow of chocolate quickly... hence chocolate mess. They still look beautiful Lex. One of the things that I learned when making chocolate (I'm definately no expert!) is that once tempered, you can put it into one of those plastic squeeze bottles. The tip is cut off to the size that you need. I have filled thousands of chocolates this way into premade truffle shells. The control and accuracy are much more manageable than a pastry bag full of chocolate, even for a professional.


The eggs pictured above are most definitely the result of having used a pastry bag. I never would have thought of a squeeze bottle! that would have solved both the burnt hands and the mess everywhere.


I stumbled across your blog while I was in the process of doing some online research. I'm sure many people who have tried some of the challengin ideas in Martha Stewarts magazines, website, and TV show have had frustrating and disappointing results as well!

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