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September 02, 2006



This looks just amazing. Great photo of the chard too.

Papilles & Pupilles

Amazing ! It seems so yummy !


Oh, oh, oh, it's a dream - grits, garlic, cheese, greens. I'm sunk! Have to have this!!! With no chard, I'll have to use spinach! But, hey life is good with spinach!!!


This looks fantastic! I, too, love the photograph of the chard! I wish I had heaps growing in my backyard.


That looks great, another use for those grits!! Let me know when you need some more.


This sounds too good to pass up! I'm not usually a fan of chard -- too bitter -- but I think I'll try this with a mix of chard and spinach. Thanks for the recipe.


Oh my, this looks so delicious- ultimate comfort food!


It's been a long time between visits for me. First my apoligies and then how great is that rainbow chard.

Nice crispy on the outside too.


Anthony! No apologies necessary. I missed you, my favourite West Coaster! I LOVE the rainbow chard! I am planning on doing a whole bed full next year! I still have 20 pounds in my garden which I will have to blanch and freeze soon. Can you get seeds for it over there? It grows like crazy.


That'd be great but the quarantine here is a bastard. Just talking to a cheese importer about the 20 pages of form they have to fill out to get a cheese in here.


is chard the same thing as swiss chard?

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