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Mmm... rhubarb. Now that's a great idea. My mother converted me to steel-cut oats a while back. I can't believe the flavour (and texture) difference. One thing she does that enhances the flavour even more is that she toasts the oats in a bit of butter (or even dry) before she cooks them. So good!

Idealistic Pragmatist

May I ask where you bought the steel-cut oats in town?


Mmm steel cut oats. I hated oatmeal until I discovered this stuff. Mine is a little more basic though, just water, steel cut oats, pinch of salt. Cook then stir in some brown sugar and vanilla. Yummy. I buy it at the bulk store.


Dear Pragmatist:

believe it or not, i get the steel cut oats at Superstore where they are available in the President's Choice Blue Label brand.

Idealistic Pragmatist

This was spectacular! I didn't have rhubarb, so I used mango and banana (and reduced the sugar). Definitely trying this again--thanks.


I often make a rhubarb and granny smith compote for serving with porridge or, even better, with homemade bircher muesli - wonderful! I must try adding some vanilla sugar to it, I usually use muscovado sugar with my compote.

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