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You've made me feel better about myself for seldom if ever eating out in Edmonton. If I'm going to eat out, it's for a cheap bite in Chinatown. Barring that, I'm pretty much not interested.


wow, I never considered risottos to be anything but a classic... I had no idea that there was a risotto phase! I love risotto and particularily enjoy making it ~ something so therapeutic about all that stirring...


Mmmm....this sounds so tasty. I think it may just become dinner tonight!


Welcome back doll!


Mmmmm - we're spending a week in Melbourne after Christmas (when it will be unconscionably hot, no doubt) but am so looking forward to it.

I like the roasted pumpkin idea - I usually boil mine and throw it in closer to the end and use some of the cooking water when I run out of stock - I like my pumpkin risotto to be a little orange with the mushy-around-the-edges boiled pumpkin. But I can see the attractions of the roasted pumpkin, too.


I'm from Edmonton (well, Thorsby, actually) and I love risotto! But I make it myself here in Luxembourg, where I currently live. I tried this recipe with some leftover Halloween pumpkin I had and it was delicious!

Yes, Edmonton may lack good risotto, but have you ever had better pyrohy or halubchi? Or borscht? I have lived in Ontario, Germany and now Luxembourg and would rather die than part with my St. Basil's Ukrainian Catholic Women's League Culinary Treasures (Volume II, 1980) recipe book. And don't even get me started about Nanaimo bars!!! I've converted many Luxembourgers and other expats to their charms.

Love your baby! He's a real sweetie.

Tara Z

Has anyone else tried risotto at il Portico? I thought it was pretty good last time I had it (although it has been a while...)


Reading this makes me miss Melbourne all over again - for me it's the abundance of Asian veggies and good quality seafood. I've given up ordering fish of any kind when I eat out in Edmonton (except at Mikado's) because the poor quality is just depressing. Going home in february for a few weeks and going to stuff myself silly on prawns, oysters, etc.
Have only once been able to order risotto at an Edmonton restaurant! Going to give this recipe a go.


Hi, I love your blog - I am from Edmonton but am currently living in Melbourne (5 yrs now) and will be moving back within a year and a half if all goes to plan with my Aussie hubby.
As much as I am very much in love with my hometown, I do understand what you mean - especially after living in Melbourne for a while, I can say that I've been enlightened when it comes to food. Although there is some lovely places to eat in Edmonton, they're not particularly obvious so it takes some patience. Luckily for me, my husband makes a beautiful risotto.
Have you ever thought of opening a restaurant...?

Veronica Mitchell

Thank you for this recipe. We are snowed in with a blizzard and I made this tonight, and it was a perfect cold winter night's food. My stomach is still smiling.

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