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Hi there! This looks fantastic, and I'd like to try it soon! Just double-checking though, to make sure you really mean three cups of raisins? I'm only just now beginning to cook savory things with fruit... the amount seems high to me, but what do I know! Oh and also, do you recommend golden raisins, or, er, the other kind? I only ask this because no dark raisins are terribly visible in the photo.

Thanks again!


Beautiful baby!!! But he should look a bit more like the babe of a foodie mom....shouldn't he have something homemade smeared all over that dear little face? heehee. Some of my fav pics of my kids when they were little are the 'trying to get the food in my mouth" pics!!


This stew looks really delicious! Good for those cold Canadian winters.

What a cute little baby! =)


I have been waiting for your new post for a while and I'm happy is here! What a beautiful baby... I am too a mommy to an 18 month old boy so I know how hard it is to take care of one. My blogging time is restricted to nap time and late nights. But I'm so glad you are back! I've been a silent fan for a while.


I hear ya with the baby stuff invading your blogging time. Our little one is 11 months old.


wow your little guy is not so little any more. the stew looks good too.

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Thanks for the great recipe! I made it today and it's fabulous! It's very windy here in Yokohama, so it's a great day for a hearty stew!


Oh, my god...he's beautiful! I don't think I've seen a photo in ages; he's so handsome!


Oh, my god...he's beautiful! I don't think I've seen a photo in ages; he's so handsome!

Lynne J.

This recipe sounds quite interesting and your "Baby Cakes" is ADORABLE!!!!!!

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