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May 22, 2005


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back from a long journey and trying to catch up with the blog world! Do you know the domestic goddess? Not only does she belong under "home cooking", she also is trying to start something like you for canada day.
You should get in touch!
PS: I find it so funny to be sitting here in Germany and getting two Canadians get to know each other!


I did have a look at the Domestic Goddess contest, and have come to the conclusion that it shows a decidedly White-English-speaking-Central-Canadian-centric approach: "Atlantic salmon, Niagara wines, arctic char, fiddleheads, Alberta beef, or anything with maple syrup".

What of bannock, wild blueberries, wapiti chili or smoked trout of the Woodlands Cree? Caribou blood soup of the Dene?

Or even the pampusky, vushka, kutia, nalysnyky, borcht, sour cabbage rolls, or the beautiful braided Easter breads of the Ukranians? Or the "pepper nuts", "plum soup" (and perogies) of the Mennnonites?

There are many regions in Canada,... why not be more inclusive. Are we not, in fact, a cultural mosaic?

There's much more to life than mere maple syrup,... try birch syrup sometime.

Just my $0.02....

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