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June 20, 2005


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oh wow, now you've got me googling at 12 am for where i could order me some clear creme de cacao.... that sounds like such a yummy drink! and i'm not even a vodka person.

clare eats

Chocolate Martinis

I dont think there's anything wrong with CM's at midday, afterall I am Australian :P But beer for breakfast is better ;)

I hate hershey's kisses too, yuck why spoil an awesome drink with something gross like that.


Be warned. You may never be sober again.

Boo Hersheys. Yay Cadburys.


Holy crap, Lyn! That is fantastic!

I don't think anyone in Tennessee even knows what a food blog *is*.

It was wonderful, and of course you came off sounding so very clever...


Hi Lyn, sounds like a great shopping day. Love the post and I'll definitely have to try the martini. If all your shopping experiences are that much fun then I want to go shopping with you!


Yum - chocolate martinis! Must - have - some!


famous, you're finally famous! good choice with the Cadbury's vs. the Hershey's. need to tell you again how wonderful the Tomato Edam tart was. Must go buy ingredients for Chocolate martini. Who knew this was just what I needed?! xoxo


Love your writing! Hysterical story! Thanks so much for the laugh. Just please tell me you didn't actually buy a frog-leg skinner. . .


I'm mania for chocolate. Your posting stimulates me. Although I don't like alcohol, sometimes, chocolate that alcol is reasonably added make us regain our vigor.

clare eats

Cadbury's Cadbury's Cadbury's !!!!


Woo Hoo! Fabulous article - congrats! Fame and fortune awaits.
And is that a square of Cadbury I see in your martini glass??


oh no, bloglines has let me down again and just notified me of this entry - fantastic post(!), but the link to the newspaper doesn't seem to work anymore... i wanna read what they said about you!!!


A manly hmph to chocolate martinis.



Perhaps I shall invent a beef martini esp. for you.


I just had a wonderful martini....The Baba-tini, signature drink at Baba Budan's espresso bar in Cincinnati, Ohio. I came home tonight and starting looking for recipes. It's a mixture of vodka, kahlua, godiva liquor, with a shot of cold espresso and a chocolate rim...YUMMMMMMMYYY!

I have seen many things on your site, that I will be trying!


I too have tried the Baba-tini at Baba's in Cincinnati and have to agree with you it is YUMMMMYYY! Your sites awesome keep up the good work


Thegirl & Anthony:

I must try this baba-tini. It sounds divine!


Wow! Great info. I wish, I could have such a writing skills.

Donde Invertir

Very informative post! Keep the nice job. We would love to see more.

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