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July 17, 2005


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clare eats

Oh Thanks lyn! I love this and have been wanting a recipe for ages!

Idealistic Pragmatist

Oh, this is lovely. I have a recipe like this, but this one looks even better. Definitely trying it! Thanks.


I love rice pudding, but I've never tried it made with black rice. I can't imagine getting better news than rice pudding can be (even slightly) healthy. :o)


It looks so delicious and I have to try this! Thank you for sharing this with us and you have beeautiful photoblog!


Wow, Lyn, this looks great. It does look impressively exotic. Can't wait to try it.


This sounds like something I would like to try.


Luv your blog! I had this dessert years ago in Bali, Indonesia and have not had it since. I always wanted to make it but could not find a recipe. Thanks for posting it!


This does sound really good, Lyn. I'm not a fan of ginger, though- what do you think might be a good substitution?


I learned this recipe using dried candied fruit as a accesory. Try candied currants or date or figs if you dont like ginger. This is a delicious recipe!


How interesting to put a slice of ginger. Traditionally,(in Malay dessert) we don't put ginger. But I've read so many variations of this recipe - with some red beans/with longans...It's so interesting to come across these variations. Lovely pic! looks so decadent.

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