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July 18, 2005


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clare eats

Wow lyn

That looks Unbeleivably good.
We cant even get goosberries here :(

I agree wood fires are KING!


Oh, yeah, girl--I can smell that duck breast from here! Get on with your bad self!

You know what else is great with berry sauces? Venison. I love duck, and quail is divine (quail with sour cherry sauce is the bomb), but venison and blackberries--that is God's gift to a plate right there.

And, I am there with you on the wood fire business. We use hardwood or hardwood lump charcoal--none of that compressed briquet stuff at our house, and the food really tastes phenominal.

We are talking building an outdoor firepit/brick oven/tandoor business in our yard after we do the necessary terracing to make the hillside liveable. If we do, you better believe we'll be cooking all sorts of wonderful things in it.

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