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August 07, 2005


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Oh yum. You cannot beat a good fudgy moist chocolate cake!


I've used that recipe myself, for both layer cakes and cupcakes, and it is my hands-down favorite. You have excellent taste, m'dear.

clare eats

mmmmm chocolate cake!!!

That sure is a great looking cake!

Zarah Maria

OMG! OMG! I could eat ALL of that, right now! Hmm, maybe I should have lunch first...:-)

Becks & Posh

I can think of one way it could be even better - like if right now it was sitting next to me at my desk!


I think this cake deserves that title, Lyn. I've been making Wacky Cake (you know- the kind with vinegar?) lately, and it's good, but this is a proper chocolate cake that deserves respect. And most definitely seconds....mmmmmmm.


The silver thingies are draggee's and please explain the call to the bar thingy. In California and most US states. You take a bar prep class after law school. The class is around six weeks and then you sit for 2-3 grueling full days and wrack your brain trying to remember everything you learned in the class( not law school). Then 5 months later you find out if you pass. I dont understand " call to the bar" what does that mean?


and wow, thats some chocolate cake. i make a very similar choc cake with oil and cocoa. I made one for the last sugar high friday. Ill definatly try this one when I need a special occasion cake.


last note, swear!! do you have a link to the wellsley cake?


AG, Molly, Sam, Clare, Zarah, Moira!
I hear you sisters.

This cake is made for PMS.

In Canada (and in Australia) you do a year-long internship called Articles of Clerkship, then you write the bar exam. Once you pass the bar exam you are presented to the court, by a practicing barrister and are Admitted to the Bar of the jurisdiction of that court and thus become a barrister in that jusridiction with the right to be heard in the Courts of that jurisdiction.

I use the wellsley recipe from epicurious (just search the words "wellsley fudge")


I think its the best one I ever had.


I was looking for the recipe for the best chocolate cake. I read the comments and adjustments you made, but do not see the actual recipe. Could you kindly send this to me, or refer me to the site that details it. Thank you.

Kay Hunter

go to "I used... and click on that part Tyler..

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