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November 22, 2005


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I know what I'm baking this weekend! Thanks for the reicipe and ideas.


Damn you're fast!


Great photo, and I can't think of anything harder to photograph well that white on white.

Stephanie pretty!

I keep wanting to make things with lavendar, but I can't find my stash!

Gosh, that sounds vaguely naughty, doesn't it?


Wow those looks so beautiful and gives me another reason to go out and get some more lavender. It's not so easy to find here but this recipe gives me incentive to go on the hunt.

Thanks for sharing.


I haven't forgotten about the spectactular icing of the cookies! I'll be posting on that soon!


Made these today and like them very much. Thank you for sharing the recipe.


I have made these cookies a few times now and every time I get rave reviews.
They are now a staple in my house and I want to thank you for sharing that recipe!


Hi Lyn,

I'm dying to make these cookies - do you know where I can get the lavender from in Melbourne?


I'd check at David Jones Foodhall or maybe at the Essential Ingredient at the Prahran market.


Hi, I'm from Edmonton too....where did you get your lavender?


Planet Organic sells food grade lavender in their spice section



I just love your site and this recipe. Could this be used as a base for lemon bars?



If you live in Canada, lok for an Epicure Selections can look one up at

Prods are pricy but well worth it!!

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Most recipes I see these days call for powdered egg whites, which I suppose is more sterile. I'm not about to change though.

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To totally coat a shape, pipe an outline with the thick icing and then fill it in with spoon-fulls of the thinner icing,spreading it out with the back of a spoon.

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