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December 15, 2005


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my mum and my friend penny both make the best roast poatoes on Earth, too. No self respecting Brit would cook a Sunday lunch without a decent roast potato :)

I always thought a very good description of how to make perfect roast potatoes, is this one following, which i have used as refence for years and years.,817,RC.html


Yum. Delia's recipe sound simpler with the no transferring of the rack and so forth. I'll try that next time.


I love bbq! We wanted to do it today but the wather is not good...Weather and bbq... What can be worse for a bbq lover than bad weather??

Acai Optimum

thanks so much for yet another great post... always educative... keep it up anyways

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The potato originated in Peru and has been cultivated since 8000 years ago in South America and it was important food of the Incas who developed advanced techniques for storing. In the fourth century the Spanish conquistadors brought it to Europe and sold in 1573 and potato in Seville. In 1900 he became one of the main food of the world. However, in the old world passed through fears and doubts in some places because it is attributed to be the cause of many evils from leprosy to lust.

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