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January 08, 2006


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This looks wonderful. I love to try new combinations and I like all of these ingredients--the new thing I have been wanting to try, of course, is the quinoa. Thank you.


I love quinoa! Did you know that it has 12 grams of protein in a cup? And the protein is more "complete" than most other grains (it is not missing lysine, an amino acid). Your salad looks delicious, I will definitely try this one -- I've been trying to convert my fiance into a beet lover!


good job!
I wasn't in the mood for the paper chef ingredients this weekend, but seeing that picture, and not having had dinner yet, I am suddenly hit with a pang of regret.

I haven't been a total lazy arse this weekend, I spent a long time creating a food dish outside of my own personalp commfort zone too, for an event taking place next weekend. Trouble is - I have to leave it a few days before trying it and the suspense is killing me...

ok - you got me too hungry- dinner time...
(but wish i had some beets like yours)


That looks awesome!!!

Thanks for sharing


Oh so beautiful! I must get bring out the ramekins more often! (EVER) AK


You're incredibly creative! That salad looks lovely ... good luck!

mrs D

Beautiful entry - thank you!

culinary bookworm

That is a lovely salad. I wish I'd known how to make labanya when I did my Paper Chef entry--it would have made my yogurt icing much thicker. A great technique to know--thanks!


What a gorgeous stacked salad! While I understand the desire for a clean line between the labanya and the beets, I love that little bit of fuschia in your photo.


I'm late here - but just wanted to say - that's one dead sexy quinoa salad. Love it!


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