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March 26, 2006


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WOW! I'm speechless .. that's just ... wow ...


delicious yummyyyy..
looks very yumy..




This is extreme pasta!


I am in awe.


Gee, I don't know if I have it in me to arrange all that ziti. I made a risotto one the other night, if you're interested in taking a peek:


wow wow wow you crazy girl!


Was it The Top One Hundred Pasta Sauces by Diane Seed? I have it, love it, and tend to use it whenever I want a simple vegetable-based pasta dish - although there are some lovely tuna and beef recipes in there, too. Let me know if there's a particular recipe you want and I'll be happy to send it to you.

Although you might not need it, of course - your timballe looks amazing without the help of the book!


Karen - the risotto one sure looks good, and possibly less fiddly. I'll have to try it as I really love the look of the crust!
Karin - It IS the book. I just had a look on amazon. That really is a greeat book dont you think. There are a number of cookbooks that vanished into the ether when I moved to Oz and that is one I sure miss.


Bravo, Lyn! This beehive-shaped beauty brings to mind the "timpano" (I think it's called) from the movie "Big Night" ... Yours looks better, though!


This is *so* cool. I'm in awe of your patience and creativity.

(Of course there's a tiny, sick part of me that's thinking "Braiiiiinns...! Braaaiiiinns...!") ;-)


You are so awesome. I doubt I'll ever cook out of every cookbook I have in my kitchen and here you are cooking out of a lost cookbook. I'm asounded! Looks terrific. Wish I could share...


so beautiful. xoxo


That looks fabulous. And delicious. Wow.


I am blushing at all the comments. Seriously folks. It's easier than it looks. It's even kind of fun! Thanks fpr all the compliments though. I do think it looks pretty neat.


Lyn, it IS a great book, one of my favourites! I had a look, and the recipe you've so beautifully recreated (how did you do that from memory???) is actually called Bucatini Alla Flamande. There are some Timballo recipes too, but they're all made with pastry.

Not that it matters of course. The main thing is that your version looks gorgeous!

Barbara Fisher

Lyn--I have that book, and just this week, picked it up off the shelf after probably not looking at it for five years. And promptly adapted a recipe from it last night.

Then I come here and see your photograph and go--hey! I know where that came from!

Cool--now I want to make it, too!

The book, btw, is Diane Seed's The Top 100 Pasta Sauces.


Now I'm curious to see how close I actually got to the original in Dianne Seed's book. Really all I remembered was about the coiled pasta and had a vague recollection that she'd plastered something on the inside to keep the pasta together after is was cooked amd that is was filled with more pasta and sauce! Seriously. That sums up exactly how much I recalled. Can someone send me the actual recipe so I can satisfy my curiosity? Maybe there's a future career for me in it...I could be a spy. Commit things to memory for years while living behind enemy borders...


I'll mention you with 5 stars without any question.

Barbara Fisher

You got it really, really close. I will type in the recipe in the next few days and send it to you.


Wow. Very impressive presentation! I love it!


That is just extremely cool! I've never seen ziti in the stores here, but I'm sure the Italian gourmet places have them. MUST have a look!


Fabulous! Looks really-really impressive, if a bit intimidating:)


Ooh, looks great, albeit alot of work. Nice to see you made it on too!


Beautiful job. I've admired the recipe--and the book--for a while as well, but it's tough to justify when we are only 2. Admirable job.

(By the way, you can order Diane Seed's book for a mere penny--plus shipping--from Amazon, used.)

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