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March 14, 2006


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I can imagine how wonderful it would be to come home to these beautifully saucy shanks ... mmm!

Can I ask which brand and size of slow cooker you have, and if you're happy with it? Being a fan of All-Clad, I was thrilled to get their new 7-quart slow cooker for Christmas, but ended up returning it because it 7 quarts is WAY too big for me. I haven't replaced it yet, as I've heard conflicting reviews about various Rival/Hamilton Beech/Bravetti/West Bend models. I'd love any suggestions you might have.

Thank you!



I have a 5 quart Hamilton Beach (model #33550) that I bought for $35 at Home Depot. It's nice and pain looking and totally does the trick. It's got three settings, low, high and keep warm. The keep warm function is pretty handy. I'll put it on low for things I start on my way ut the door to work and I'll use high if I've not got all day to wait for something (for example if I've only got 3-4 hours for cooking)I bought it about 2 years ago and have probably used it an average of once a week. It does enough meat for 4-6 people comfortably without having to fill it so full that it spits. I'd totally buy the same one again.


Thanks so much, Lyn! I will definitely check this one out. I bought two slow cooker cookbooks just after I got that 7-quart monster, and have been itching to use them. Soon ... soon!


I love my slow cooker too. Have not used it in a while (2 months) and this is reminding me I should.

Don Waring

Help!!! Where can one buy veal shanks in Edmonton. My previous supplier no longer carries them.

Zachary Mullin

Im looking where to find some veal too, I got it in my homeown and cant find a place that sells in Edmonton

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