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March 12, 2006


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Beautiful! I love the idea of spooning the souffle mix into grapefruit halves...


Love the cute presentation!


What a great explanation of the science of souffles! I have never been afraid of them, myself, but they seem even more straightforward when you break them down this way. And served in a grapefruit half? Wonderful! Thank you.

kevin ashton (chef & food writer uk)

Hey Lex ...just wanted to say I'm impressed with the your food blog, its one of the best I've seen. I'm also impressed with any Canadian who uses the word bollocks.

There's a famous British Comedian who liked to tell his American friends that bollocks was the English slang for zits. Months later his American girlfriend went into a UK drug store and asked, "Can you give me something for my bollocks"
Kevin Ashton (chef & food writer uk)

Bri Gallina

Hello, this is my first time to the site, and it helped me alot with my science fair project. I really needed to find some science information about souffles, Thank You!

Martin Lersch

That's a very nice presentation! I've never seen that before.

Janet Gutrich

My 7th grade daughter wants to do a science fair project with souffles. Can you suggest
a worthwhile experiment involving souffles?


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