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May 14, 2006



Ohhhhhhhhh Thank's!!
I's so exciting to partecipate... :-)
And all of recipes sound very very good...
Bye and I'll wait as soon as possible the next Challenge!!


Thanks for hosting this, I enjoyed it.

Gabriella True

Thank you so much for hosting! You did a great job.

Everyone's recipes look fabulous!

oh --- about sweets and the bbq - I LOVE all stone fruit grilled. Plums are to die for really.

but, I just remembered something! I used to cut thinnish slices of regular old store bought pound cake and put them on the grill, get them toasted, serve them with strawberries and cream. Sort of like a strawberry shortcake.


Your dishes look delicious.


Oh my goodness, this is now such a very rich resource. It's taking me forever to explore it. Thank you so much for thinking of doing it and doing it!


Thanks so much for hosting - I love bbqs - we even do them in the winter. (Just pull the bbq up to the door and eat inside when done) at least there are no ants or mosquitos to deal with.

Ugly Gourmet (Jonathan)

I love the idea behind your contest, I missed the deadline, but I can't wait to work my way down the list. However, the real reason i am writing is because you have put the true nature of BBQ into words. For me it has always been about the ritual and simplicity of sharing food and laughs with family as well as strangers.

jonathan My Blog


Thanks Lex! I took 4 of these recipes to work with me and made them, yours included. All delicious. Check out the wrap-up round up on my site if you're interested :)

BBGrill Covers

wow. recipes look awesome! thanks.

Invierta en proyectos

Everything looks so delicious!!!

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