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July 30, 2006



It's really beautiful and so colourful!
I discovered the rainbow chard in New York because we don't have it in France…


I love making ravioli. It's so much fun and the results are worth all the work. I bet it's great with the wilted chard and butter.


That looks marvelous. I've actually never eaten chard, but I cannot wait to try it after seeing so many delicious-looking blog entries about it.


My dad always grew swiss chard in the backyard when I was young. I thought it was uck! Shows you what kids know.
This looks so wonderful!


That rainbow chard is amazing! I never knew it could come in such stunning colours :) The ravioli dish looks positively devastating on top of the wilted chard!


Wow, that chard looks amazing! And your recipe even better! Yummy!


Oh wow I've never seen rainbow chard before. It's gorgeous!

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