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August 10, 2006



I'll be doing this again for about the third time this summer. I have to give some away this time. It really is amazing.


I too have obscene quantities of lemon basil, the result of a dozen small plantlets given to me by a neighbor. What are you doing with yours? Lemon basil pesto, lemon basil syrup, and lemon basil pasta with shrimp -- that's as far as I've gotten. I'd love some new ideas!



Last summer I made a divine lemon basil and lavender ice cream, but it only uses one or two sprigs. Maybe a lemon basil granita?


Last night I made pesto with my mortar and pestle and I swear, the difference was AMAZING. It took just as long to make (in other words, no time at all) and was easier to clean than a processor.

I would die of happiness if I had that much basil growing in my yard (it would require me having a yard you see)...I think you should think of non-culinary uses too...bathe in the stuff! LOL.


I agree, everybody should make their own pesto. It's super easy and delicious! There are tons of different ways to spice it up too. You could make one out of all that parsley you have for something a little different.


Lyn, granita sounds like a wonderful idea. I've been using a few leaves here and there in salad blends, with a citrus-based vinaigrette. Because the flavor is strong, I'm finding it's not as versatile as the Genovese basil (that's also growing like crazy in my garden -- I have at least 30 plants!). I'm going to try freezing the lemon basil pesto this year to see if it holds as well as the regular pesto.


Basil definitely spells out FRESH. My neighbour gives me fresh basil from her garden, she has so much that I have had to freeze some of it. BUt a pesto is a great way to use up all the fresh basil she gives me.


How much pesto would you spoon into a bowl for a serving of noodles? I'm afraid of overdoing the oil and ending up wasting my lovely green goodness.


How much pesto would you spoon into a bowl for a serving of noodles? I'm afraid of overdoing the oil and ending up wasting my lovely green goodness.


I heard your have acquired a taste for Olive Garden...any truth to that?
Will you let me go there on our next trip?


Yum, what a great recipe! Would go so well with so many entrees.


Wonderful! I usualy end up making 2 or 3 double batches each summer, freezing the jars for use as gifts or for beating the midwinter blues.

A tiny tweak to the ingredients: I add about 1/4 cup softened butter and 3 TBSP Pecorino Romano to your recipe as listed.


Dindrane - An old Italian trick is to put a tabelspoon or so of the pasta water into the bowl with the petso to thin it out a little and make it stick to the pasta better. For one serving of pasta, I'd use about a teaspoon (heaping) of pesto.


What are pine nuts? I have never heard of those.


coool you have here

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