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Columbus Foodie

Don't feel too embarassed. One of my favorite comfort food items is Kraft Mac & Cheese with Sauteed Onions and Peppers and Kielbasa. What you have up there is gourmet compared to that.

I've always thought that the thing that makes food delcious or not delicious is the emotions that it evokes as you eat it. If this dish reaches up and hugs you and makes you feel good, more power to you! :)


You rule!

Stop by sometime for bbq toasted marshmallows & beer.



They say that confession is good for the soul, so here goes: Velveeta cheese (actually I think it has to be called "cheese food", because it's not real cheese), and anything with Miracle Whip. Oh dear.....


My comfort food is macaroni smothered with canned diced tomatoes (with all the juice), a little butter (or even margarine in a pinch) salt & pepper. Tastes even better after sitting in the fridge for a day or two.

I think this goes back to my grandmother? ...but I used to insist that I eat this when I was home sick from school. My mom eventually caved & it always did make me feel better. I can clearly remember eating this wrapped up in a blanket watching Sesame Street.


I thought that pic was La Mort Orange avec embellishments! :)


And even the peas look like they have been boiled for 20 minutes which, bien sure, is well in keeping with CC.

*Everyone* has dirty little secrets about food. I'm in the UK and one of the monthly food magazines here asked our top chefs for their secrets. The results were - er - enlightening.

Mine is Cup a Soups, but you have to combine two that kind of go together (like tomato with croutons, and mushroom) in one mug so that it's thick, and if you can get it to clump up a bit so that the powder doesn't all dissolve, all the better, 'cos then you have a tasty mush in the bottom of the mug when you have drunk all the 'liquid' soup.

At least your DLS had a recipe!


Actually I love that dish, the only thing is that I don't use weiner but ground beef... I swear it's actually pretty good!


And yet?

I'm not entirely repulsed by this.

I think I could eat it (with vegetarian dogs, of course), and I can totally see why it would qualify as 'comfort food' for you.

Yes, we all have our dirty little foodie secrets!


whoa, Lins, I think we must be at least partially related.
My dirty little secret dish is elbow macaroni doused in butter and salsa with lots of salt & pepper
I too learned it from my grandmother who made it for me when I would get sick.
It is now my go too sick day dish. I adore its softness, and the way the butter and salsa form a silky, oozing emulsion of flavor and texture.


Cuisine Chinois looks very similar to Maine's American Chop Suey. You can imagine my confusion when I first moved here and discovered that it is marcaroni and ground beef in tomato sauce.

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