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December 03, 2006



The photo is great. I'd like one right now.


One for me please !


these sound wonderful, i think i'd like quite a few! maybe i should make some...


I feel silly for being so enthralled with the idea of square truffles!

I want to know how these tasted, esp given the interesting flavor pairing. Using cinnamon basil would be fun too.


Truffle cubes -- I love it! I never think of basil in anything sweet. Thanks for the recipe.


Nice combination! Never really thought one could combine basil in truffles. Brilliant idea. The photos are great too!


Would basil, cinnamon and chili powder be a good combo?

And if so, how much chili powder should I add?

(i heard chili makes chocolate extra chocolatey)


Can you recommend a place in Edmonton to get the cinnamon bark?


Sandi, I think I'd do the chili on its own without the basil and cinnamon. How much you use would depend on how srtong your chili powder is. I'd try between 1/2 and one teaspoon.

Hayden - I get great thick cinamon bark at one of the Indian groceries on 34th. I don't know the name of it, but it's in a little stip mall kind of across and west a bit from the Toyota dealership.

Andrew K.

These went over EXTREMELY WELL for Christmas. As a former New Mexican, I will definetly be trying the chile powder truffles shortly. Thanks much for the recipe!!!


I love truffles!! And this appear very very delicious... Happy new year dear friend!


Fantasic, I made these last night to celebrate my husbands homecoming from the hospital after a spinal cord injury, I had some friends over and did a multi course dinner and these were the hit of the night!

I made them with chai instead of basil because ALL of the grocerie stores I went to were sold out!


I was so intrigued by the picture, I had to make them.... they're as good as the picture =)


Thanks so much for the recipe. I made 3 variations for my last chocolate party: basil, lemon and chile and they were a huge success. My friends asked me to make some for their upcoming wedding!

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