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July 27, 2007



what great photo!!! i'm crazy about chocolate ice cream!!! and yours looks very delicious!!!


my gosh! it's terrible!


The photo is gorgeous and a true testament to how decadent this recipe is.


OMG, this looks sooooo good! Your photo captures the greatness of choc ice cream. I am longing for some.


I want this Ice cream!!!!


I've made something similar to this before and the sight of it again has me drooling! I need to make more.


I love mexican vanilla which has cinammon in it, and I bet I'd love this as well. Thanks for the recipe and idea!

Steamy Kitchen

Looks so decadent!! Love the glass.

bea at La tartine gourmande

you know how to tempt someone!


Incredibly beautiful,mouth watering picture!

Noodle Princess

Oh my god...that looks so amazing that I'm going into anaphalactic shock as I type. Must.Lie.Down.Now.

Noodle Princess

Strike that...this is hard core food porn!

Miss Tiny

O-MY-GOD!!! What a blog!!! I've never been so amazed by so many tasty recipes!!! I was looking for picnic recipes and Google took me to your place and O-MY-GOD!!! You're really good at cooking and making people starving!!! I would eat everything here!!! You rock!!!
Thanx for sharing your recipes with us and believe me, many of your recipes would be tested by me!!!
See ya.


I will try's way too hot here in Montreal.


Ooohh la la! Be still my beating heart! That looks heavenly! I love Mexican chocolate, in fact I melted a chocolate bar recently with some hot milk and cinnamon for a nice cup of hot cocoa. But this, this is gorgeous!


Greetings from Singapore.
I am just passing by, this is absolutely gorgeous - i got to have my ice-cream now!

thanks for sharing


Greetings from Japan! I just love your site, and this recipe looks divine! It's been so hot here in Yokohama, I will be trying your recipe out this weekend- I can't wait! Thanks for sharing!


Nice. There can never be too many posts about ice cream.

Veronica Morris

Fabulous - you have a wonderful hand with buttermilk, seriously.

Totally unrelated, I’ve been having so much fun reading your blog (and cooking from it) that I nominated you for Blog Day. Cheers!


Holy Hootis. I'm dyin' here. I was toying with the idea of making a chocolate sorbet tonight. Phoooey! Pfffffft! Pllllllttttttth! Chocolate and Cinnamon Ice Cream Is What I Want Right NOW. I just opened some Vietnamese cinnamon from Penzey's. O baby. But I don't have any buttermilk. Don't have ANY. Cripes.


One week in late august I tried Mayan hot chocolate and HaganDaaz's version of cinnamon chocolate ice cream, and well, I've fallen in love. Normal, average chocolate, doesn't do it for me anymore; it has to be spicy. If I ever get an ice cream maker, it'll be the first flavour i try :)
beautiful pictures!


Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, yeah that's worth smiling about on a dull Monday at work, lol, love the pic and the post

M Vroom

Oh My Gosh... this looks absolutely terrible...

for my waistline...


can i make this without an ice cream maker???


i made it. it is unbelievably delicious and so easy to prepare.

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