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January 10, 2008



Hello! I'm just a lurker surfing by, and noticed your lovely bean cassoulet... and wishful twinges for a Le Creuset. I don't know how similar this 2 3/4 quart baker performs to the french ovens(not to mention it's on the small side for making multi-person meals), but for the price, you might be interested! :)


Wow - this looks and sounds delicious!
I am really tempted to get a slow cooker when we move as they are so practical; unfortunately at the moment I have so little kitchen space I have nowhere to put one!


This looks amazing, I just recently got a slow cooker and have been looking for good recipes for it. Did you pre cook the beans? I did a bean dish recently and did not pre cook, they remained a bit firm.


I've just bought my first slow cooker (though I've my Le Creuset Dutch oven for years), and I've been learning how to use it. This is my kind of recipe, simple and flexible. Definitely bookmarking.


Yes...Looks great I'm off to Wegmans to purchase items needed for recipe. Can't wait


update..I made the recipe after stumbling upon your site..all i can say that it was awesome. I made it without the topping and a side of crusty bread was perfect. Thanks


This dish was absolutely delicious! I served it with lightly toasted french bread slices. I made it in the slow cooker and let it simmer for 7 hours on low, it was perfect!

MJ Bua

this looks incredibly awesome!!! what is 'herbes de Provence'?


my mom had a recipe just like this. very nice.


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