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January 14, 2008



A much easier way (and the old-fashioned way) to start your yogurt is to use a teaspoon of your last batch of homemade yogurt (or to use purchased live-culture stuff).... It's also better, bacterially-speaking (therefore also in terms of food safety) to add flavour after you've incubated your yogurt.


That picture is amazing! I love the reflection in the spoon.


I totally agree with you about homemade tasting better and adding a sense of satisfaction and pleasure when eating. Ohhh making your own clay oven - I'd be up for giving that a try.

Matthew Kayahara

You should really give homemade bacon a try. The active time investment is actually pretty small, it just takes a week of curing in the fridge. I started making my own bacon from Michael Ruhlman's book "Charcuterie" after reading the thread on eGullet, and won't go back now. And I don't have a smoker, so I haven't even gotten around to smoking it yet!


This looks delicious...I might have to try that soon. Tanks for posting


i'm thinking i'll splurge on enough goat's milk (it's a bloody $3.99 a quart here!!!) and see how well it turns out with that!


Susan from Food Blogga

What an inspiring post! I too love to make homemade foods, but I haven't tried some of the ones you've mentioned such as yogurt and ricotta. I should try.


How's the soap making going? I know this is a food blog but I'm curious to know...also what happened to the restaurant review excel sheet?


This looks great! I was just making yogurt myself. I started a pastry blog this past weekend and I was going to include my yogurt blanc manger as one of the posts soon. I love your blog. Keep them coming!

White On Rice Couple

We totally agree with you on making some basics - homemade. The satisfaction , learning process and skill are priceless. Thank you for a great point and awesome blog!


Ah. You should give in to the bacon-making desire. You won't regret it.


I love to make homemade stuff too! I make homemade jams, salsa, pickles and bread. I would love to try your yogurt. What kind of glass container do you use and how do you sterilize it? A tutorial with pictures for making this yogurt would be great. I'm inspired, but a little intimidated!!

Girl and the City

I don't know that I've ever tried homemade yogurt before, but I certainly want to now!! Great post!!

xox Girl and the City (in Paris)


Thank you so much for sharing your recipe--I made it last night, and found rich, creamy yogurt waiting for my breakfast.


I just love it, thats fantastic.
I'll doo myself soon.


hello dear,
I make yogurt at home but it is not thick .
it is not firmed !!!
could you advise please
i use sheep milk

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