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December 28, 2008


Jena Snyder

Huge congratulations on just surviving such a monumental life-change -- and what a gorgeous gorgeous new son!

All the best to you in your new home,



Wow! That's an epic story! I'm glad it has such a cute ending. We'll save some cheese for you, for later. :-)


Welcome to the Lower Mainland! It is good to see a post from you, your son is beautiful and I look forward to some new and interesting posts!
Happy Holidays,

Mama Bear

Welcome to the Fraser Valley - you will love it here!


You've certainly had a lot on your plate recently! COngrats on the baby # 2, and wish you all the best in settling into your new environment. It sounds good - even if you had to give up your dream home and kitchen!


Thanks for the update, and congrats on all the new news!

tin whiskers

Yeah It is good to see a post from you, your son is beautiful and I look forward to some new and interesting posts!Enjoy the holidays...


I'm new to your blog, and have just been perusing it for an hour or so. I read your comments about the mediocrity of Edmonton and its food scene with some dismay. To have absolutely nothing good to say about the city's restaurants and food producers is unfair and shows ignorance on your part, not to mention snobbery, but then again, I have grown to expect that from "foodies". In your world view, food is only good elsewhere, so I am glad for you that you are gone from such a dreary town. Blogs like this are the reason I dislike foodies and food bloggers so much, although I do have an interest in food. It seems quite fitting that you have landed on the west coast, one of the most pretentious, self-congratulatory places on earth. You will feel quite at home there, no doubt, patting yourself on the back for living in such an enlightened food environment. I definitely won't be coming this way again in my web travels.


Congratulations on all of your news; all the best to you and your boys! What an exciting time for all of you.


Well, nothing guarantees a job transfer like building or buying your dream home!
Congratulations on the move, the new little guy and I wish you and Cakes and Silas and Cooper good fortune in BC!

Dave Jones

congratulations for your new residence...your son looks gorgeous.


What a wonderful child. You're blessed.


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thank you!


Welcome back to the blog world... and now it is Spring... and maybe some time for Mommy sooon. Happy Mother's Day!


For some reason, this post just popped up in my feed again. Weird.

I'm in the same boat as you: selling our dream house in Edmonton to move to Langley for my wife's job. I'm pretty excited. There should be lots of great food options in Surrey, if not Langley.

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