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July 14, 2005


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clare eats

You are an amazing woman arent you? :)

I make my own beer and have been dying to try my own ginger beer (alchoholic of course ;) ) I need to get a new fermenter though... ours had an accident when we moved last time.


Lyn, I love it that you made your own ginger beer! You never cease to amaze. I've never even tried ginger beer before, you certainly make it look and sound tempting and refreshing. great post!


Constant source of amazement the way you announce "It's Easy!" and "It's Fun!" and "We Do It In Our Spare Time!" and then we get the equipment list. I understand Reed's does a very nice Ginger Beer. Off to the store! xoxo


hi lyn, making your own ginger beer...would have never occurred to me in a million years...mindblowing! cheers,j


Used to make my own beer and I think the crucial advice is to make sure everything is sterilised. My breweing days ended up with a squabble over somebody thinking they'd missed out on a couple of bottles. Serious stuff accusations of beer poaching.

A hit of vodka with that GB and mint and you've got yourself a right tasty Moscow Muke tovarisch.


Oh bugger, I forgot what I was going to say.

No it isn't.


That should be Moscow Mu*l*e

No really I haven't been drinking.


I LOVE ginger beer!!! Thanks for the idea and technique!


I seem to remember the name of this drink was "Green Cord-ial" in honour of a Classics Prof. Didn't the original recipe have the mysterious cream of tartar? I also remember a smarty-pants pre-law student who made smarty-pants labels for this drink. Hmmmmm. I wonder if I have one around?

Monkey Gland

I have vivid memories of a batch of ginger beer exploding one hot summer when I was about 5 years old. They all popped in succession like a machine gun. I remember my old man running for cover soaked through with sugary beer. I don't think me and my brother ever laughed so hard!

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