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July 04, 2006



I like that. What great colors in those cherries!

Sue Vancil

I probably shouldn't be reading your site, but Tanna recommended it! I too am a sweet-a-holic ( and she isn't) so this is not fair!!! So the changes you made will assure me that I will be able to fit into my skinny jeans this fall, right?


Beautiful, and I think I could even make it.


That looks so yummy. I'd use sugar though, sweeteners are bad for you.


oops. when I said "....sprinkling 1 to 2 teaspoons of oil between each layer" I meant SUGAR. Not OIL. Will fix that soon!


This looks amazing! I love that you used phyllo pastry instead of normal puff or shortcrust pastry. It added a nice touch and is defitely not as heavy as the others.
Well done and good luck with our diet, you can do it!


These look wuite nice and I like the idea of using Filo, very nice :)


Is it possible to make this recipe without gelatin?


mmmmm... Sounds wonderful. I might just have to try out this recipe myself.


I tried to double this recipe with pectin instead of gelatin and the filling didn't set at all, it was just tangy goop, but the shells worked out great. We ended up having them with ice cream instead, and some people used the liquidy filling as a sort of sauce.

Weight Healthy

terrific!! tested it and i love it!! it just tasted so good that i got speachless!!


I'm so happy I came across this recipe! I was searching for something light and springy to take to work and it was on short notice too. These were easy and delicious. I did make a few changes: I used low fat sour cream as well as low fat cream cheese; because I was short on time, I didn't have time to thaw phyllo dough, so I used premade sugar cookie dough (the bummer here is that the calories I subtracted from the creams I added back in the cookie dough - but they sure tasted good). Next time I make them I will plan ahead and used phyllo dough! I live in the northern part of the US and we won't see cherries until July, but strawberries are perfect now (end of April). I chopped about 5 medium sized strawberries and stirred them into the cream then topped each tartlet with a strawberry slice. Oh, I also made them in a mini muffin pan for tiny bite size sweets. One last tip - I put all the cream into a zip lock bag, squeezed it all into a corner, cut off the tip and piped the cream into each cookie shell. Thanks so much for posting recipe - I'm looking forward to testing more :)


I like your recipe. I actually found it after already baking the shells and wanted to know how to store them. I also use a time saving trick, I fill mine with instant pudding mix, lemon, chocolate and then garnish with a complimentary fruit. Tonight I made coconut cream with toasted coconut on top. Delish...


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