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Oh this looks sooooo good... *drool*


I didn't persuade you to make the pea and ham soup afterall??? ; )


Yum, yum, yum! The recipe sounds amazing and the pics are mouth-watering!


Wow that pork looks great - my husband would LOVE it.

Joe @ Culinary in the Desert

The recipe and pictures are wonderful!


Hmm this reminds me of home :D - looks awesome!



oh my, that braise looks to-die-for - thanks for the recipe; can't wait to try it...cheers,j


Oooh yeah, that looks gooood. I love wet, slow cooked dishes with meat falling off the bone, and think they shouldn't only be made in cold weather. Go slow cooking!


AG, I'm gald tyo be of service.
Sam, I am almost had me...but I have an irrational fear of pea soup
Meg, Sweetnicks, Joe, Pseudochef, J: It really is totally yummy and would do with just about any meat on the bone I think

Niki: funny. I think I havce made more stuff in my slowcooker this summer than I did last winter!


This recipe is extremely delicious. I couldn't wait for the slow cooker so I made it in the pressure cooker. Quick and easy in an hour. I'm trying it with a large stewing hen tonight. I will be making it again over and over with the hocks though. Good job!

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