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Oh, Lyn...I love you!!! It's perfect.

No, it doesn't get much more retro than this. My Grampa, who served in the Navy during WWII, loved Spam. The mere sight of it made me wretch, but he'd happily fry up a few pieces for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Everything is fantastic, and I am *so* happy you could join us!

And Retro Fiascos is such a great should check out their other 'Retro' books, too; they're amazing. I think I have seven!


spamokopita is making me samolarfalot


Eek.. reminds me of a "chili" someone used to make for us when I was a kid that used spam instead of something cheap, like ground beef.

Although, I hear from friends in Hawaii that spam musubi is actually tasty. I found a recipe on but I'm scared to try it..

Katy at Pomelo Pleasures

Those photos are fabulous!

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