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March 30, 2006


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Bea at La Tartine Gourmande

Mmmmm, intriguing! I made chocolate pasta a while ago and loved it. Your recipe looks very tempting!


This looks gorgeous!

If only I could get someone to come for dinner, I'd have a good reason to make this!


where i come from, a nice plump ass is an asset! enjoy every single bite! looks deeeelish...



I guess I'd be a very popular girl. BTW. Am loving the grits. Thanks so much.



Looks wonderful...a nice change from the ordinary!


Oh yes ... yes, baby, yes! I love chocolate and poppy seeds. Did you know poppy seeds are banned in Singapore? I bought a bottle when I was in Australia and have been hoarding it lovingly, watching in quiet panic & desperation as the level goes down.

I do not know if I have enough poppy seeds left to make this but this is just so inviting and delicious!


I am salivating at the mere thought of this, it looks fantastic!


These look divine!


looks amazing!

any thoughts on how to serve a far-too-sweet-to-be-savoury almondy pumpkin & amaretto ravioli?

i'm sure sweet is the way to go (although i can't seem to get a chorizo/black pepper style sauce out of my head) but am not sure how - lemony sauces don't seem quite right....


abby, what about a sweet vanilla cream sauce?


In California, they serve sweet-ish pumpkin ravioli's all the time, most often with burnt butter sage sauce. I came up with a recipe that's a little more savory, but still very sweet and love it with the burnt butter sage sauce. The perfect compliment, i think.


What a wonderful looking dessert!!! If I only had a pasta machine:(


Is it possible to freeze this?

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Thanks so much for posting these, they are fantastic! So bummed I missed what looks like a truly unique evening.

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Since a long time ago I have wanted to taste the Chocolate and Poppyseed Ravioli, however I never got the recipe, until now.

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