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Sausage surpasses the wheel as mankind's greatest invention, in my book. I think that your batch looks incredible.

I've got one of those kitchen-aid thingys and a couple of hundred feet of collagen casings that are just waiting for summertime. The plan is to make REAL frankfurters for Independence Day.

Man, now I'm hungry. Thanks a lot...


Welcome to the sausage making club.
Keep the last week in November open for the annual bambi week!
Remind me to show you how to calculate pepper quantity...the hairier the arms the better!


I am SO impressed! This is not an easy task and you seem to have mastered it beautifully, Congrats!

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hey william. Do you have a recipe for frankfurters? the real reaosn cakes and I broke down and bought the sauage suffer was our deep unnatural love for frankfurters. The ones at the store are so full of chemicals and fat, we wanted to make our own. We've seen a few recipes online, but I'd love to hear your ideas!


Lyn, this is a pretty impressive endeavour. Once I move from Edinburgh and can't get sausages from my favourite butcher any more, I'll come back and check out your recipe!


Those are some beautiful looking sausages. I'll be back more to check out your site.

Now, is there an accredited and certifying body for the "official sausage makers", or is that a self appointed title? :)


Frankfurters are not for the week of heart..they are a different breed altogether, they fall into the emulsified sausage catagory, messy, troublesome..ick. Best to just get straight from your deli...
if you insist on going ahead with it get a copy of Charcuterie by Michael Ruhlman..I've got a copy...indespensible..cured sausage, smoked, fresh, everything you need to know. I highly recommend it for anyone making sausage.


Even though these sausages don't like that appealing... your words made me want to go to the fair and get a huge long sausage link... and maybe even make 1 myself

Sue McCavana

I've given up making homemade sausages, they are dry and not easy to swallow. I have been looking for the receipe for home made mince sausage meat for ages but are unable to find one suitable, even the butchers won't let me have their recipes. I amsure the flavour is in the spices and not the quality of the meat.

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