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June 28, 2005


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Quelle magnifique pizza! Ça y est! J'ai faim, maintenant...

clare eats

oh wow lyn
you out did yourself this time :)


It's lovely pizza. Especially sparsely mixed eggs.

clare eats

Ok Mine is posted!


Argh EoMEoTE now cracks the whip. Stuff soon, Jeannese hosting again thanks to my slothiness.

Anyway now I'm all hot and have to take a shower. Dirty.


Those eggs just look adorable - not to mention tasty - on top of that pizza. And how often have you heard pizza described as adorable?


Actually I'm sorry, that was pathetic, I'll try again.

I'm going to take a shower and let the glistening drops of water cascade down my manly chest.


Bravissima on all counts!!!



I think you've just raised the bar on pizza toppings. Quail eggs! Adorable! And prosciutto and smoked mozzarella and fabulous in their own right...


Bravo!!! Encore!!! Eggy kisses!! Vintage stuff. Apologies for the lateness of the announcement, but thrilled to see you remembered my "dramatic work" theme from last month. And Spicey - maybe when the water has finished cascading over your manly chest and you have roughly towelled your rippling back muscles dry, be a dear and whip us up an omelette and some toast, would you? Ooops, erm, just mention the words "whip up" and he's off under the cold shower again. Most odd...


i had no idea of the theme.
I was hoping to get away with pornographic pictures

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