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November 02, 2005


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Yessss... soup season!

bring it on!

I over-dosed on this soup last winter. I also like to add a splash of sherry vinegar at the end. I think I'm ready to do it again!


I did the same thing after hearing about (not tasting) a thyme, mushroom and barley soup this winter. I attempted my own, which wasn't bad but I added too much barley and it turned into concrete. Hmmmmm.
Yours looks spectacular though, and I hope to try it...after our summer fades (which consdering the heat already, won't be for AGES)


Mushroom and Thyme really were meant to be together for the rest of their lives.

McAuliflower - I simply love soup season. There are so many great things you can do!

Niki - I've never really liked barley in a soup. You do have to be very careful with how much you put in or is does sort of take the whole thing over and make it into a porridge.


This looks so good that I featured it in this week's roundup of the best gluten-free recipes on the web!

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