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March 19, 2006


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Oh yums! And that bowl is just divine - I love it!


Hmm, there's been quite the run of "comfort foods" since your return from Australia. Anything to do with the weather here in Edmonton?
Hang in there, the end of winter is certainly near! (Then it will snow in June)

This is a recipe that I would like to try with pork. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Idealistic Pragmatist

My suggestion to you: *try* getting to the farmer's market *once* at 8AM. Just bite the bullet and do it. And I bet you do it again--it's a completely different experience.


MM, The bowl was a gift from our sweet neighbours for looking in on thier cats while they were away. I love that bowl.
Tanya, I think this would work well with proc. Just make sure you get a really good cut with a bit of fat on the outside and through the middle. If you use too lean a cut you just won't gaet the same nice rich browned taste, and I find that when I do lean pork in the slow cooker it ends up quite a lot drier than other meats. Not sure why this is.
Idealistic Pragmatist, Ha. Your words may sound convincing to me during waking hours, but I know that next Saturday morning, I just don't stand a chance. Maybe if we hadn't bought the feather bed....and if the kitties weren't all cuddly and warm...I might just go back to be right now.


Yeah, food, blah blah. That bowl is gorgeous! I want.


What a gorgeous photograph and delicious looking meal! I just discovered your blog and will be checking it religiously! If you are interested in food blogging in general, you should check this [out] when you get a minute! Happy blogging!



Thanks. I hope I live up to your expectations!



I'm hoping the run of comfort foods will slow now that its starting to feel officially like spring. Can't poss. have spring without a good puddle.



Made this recipe with the pork (I'll try lamb another time, I promise). Sooo good and absolutely loved the side dish. I had extra sauce so I made a saucy couscous with the parsley.

Thanks Lyn!!!



tahnks for lewtting me know how it turned out. Isn't it great to get an awsome meal out of a slow cooker? No work but oh so godd!


ROC (rest of Canada) may not be big into lamb, but rest assured, a *lot* of Quebecers love it. Mmmm, garlic, rosemary and lamb. ;)

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