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January 19, 2006


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Bea at La Tartine Gourmande

oh, that looks good! You seem to like Thai cooking a lot, and so do I, so that makes me quite happy! I will definitely give this recipe a try!
Question about glutinous rice flour. In Asian stores you reckon?

clare eats

They certainly are adorable, but I bet they taste even better ;)


Erk, I'm confused. That looks like a ramekin. Was it cooked in that?


Looks heavenly. I love sticky rice with mango.


Bea: you can find glutinous rice flour in most asian stores. If you can't find it, you can substitute regular rice flour, but you might loose a little of the stickiness.

Clare: We ate all of it in one night.

Anthony-San: they are indeed little tea cups. They are just very thick walled. Great for doing little puddings and cakes in. I only ever cook with them in a water bath though as I reckon if they can withstand boiling water (or near) for tea they can stand upto a water bath. Not sure how they'd fare in the oven sans water.


Oh that's great then. I guess you could have them all ready and then cook them at the last minute.They'd probably alright in the oven without a water bath but not for this dish. I guess you could also steam the pudding in a steamer.


Anthony, How brilliant. I never thought of doing them in a steamer! I bet that'd be great if you made little folded containers out of banana leaves and filled them with the batter and put them in the steamer! How great! Thanks for the inspiration.

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