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January 15, 2006


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Raspberry Sour

This enticing German deli doesn't happen to be K&K on Whyte and 99st? It was always one of my favourite grocery stores in Edmonton, and I've never satisfactorily replaced it here in Toronto.

Zarah Maria

Oh my, that looks and sounds divine! McDonalds GO HOME!!:-)


R.S. - It is indeed K&K. I love popping in there. I always find at least a half dozen things I've never seen before. (P.S. Welcome back to the blogosphere. We missed you.)

Zarah Maria, Indeed!

clare eats

Oh I agree,
This is MUCH better :)

Raspberry Sour

Miss Lyn, thank you, your lengthy memory is deeply flattering. I am most humbled.

I'm glad to hear you're enjoying K&K- I've been in Toronto for well over a year, and I'm still craving K&K, among others. Home is home.


Mmm.. K&K.. I love their smoked fish (not just salmon)

Now I will have to go check out their smoked turkey.

In a totally unrelated FYI: I believe, if you happen to have a shot a deer that you can't take all the meat for, K&K will butcher it and donate it to various food charities in the City.



Do check it out - a huge smoked thigh runs about 4 bucks and will do for several meals! Also - look for the Della Terra(SP?) brand "Drunken Green Beans" on the bottom shelf of the canned veg aisle near the sauerkraut. They are fantastic, esp. wrapped in a thin slice of good cured meat such as pepperoni!

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